Wecall is my second family


Ann Åslund started her journey at Wecall in 2009 to train for work after a period of sick leave. She has gone from working three hours a day as an administrator to being a team leader for one of Wecall’s major sales projects.



Ann Åslund is living proof that it is possible to develop within Wecall. Before joining Wecall, she worked at Sundsvall Hospital in the archives.

– I had to change lanes because of a bad back. “My work training turned into a job as a salesperson,” says Ann.

She says that it is possible to develop at Wecall if you want to and if you show your best. Ann Åslund has a broad role where, in addition to her large sales project, she also leads small projects that come in occasionally. For example, customer reservations or product recalls.


Happy in their job

There is a lot going on and no two days are the same. This is one of the reasons why Ann enjoys her job. But above all, it depends on the spirit that permeates the company.

– We have a great sense of community even though we are in different groups. We are like a family. Wecall is like my second family.

Ann also says that she can’t remember a single day when she didn’t want to go to work. Colleagues do things together at work and at home. It’s a great team and Ann feels she can rely on her colleagues.

– There is always someone to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. We have a warm and familiar atmosphere. We enjoy each other’s company and it’s a winning concept,” says Ann.


Working at Wecall

Wecall has a clear and inclusive leadership style where the CEO likes to play cards with employees during breaks.

– He is one of us. Not many companies have their CEO sitting at work every day. Niklas likes to have fun with us while being very clear when things are serious.

Ann also says that working at Wecall means freedom with responsibility. She describes it as a fun place to work with high ceilings.

– I breathe Wecall. I love this place. It is a very good place to work.

Ann Åslund, Group Manager at Wecall

Responsibilities: Group manager of a sales project where Wecall sells membership to the Swedish Farmers’ Union. Ann has nine employees under her and works mainly with personnel issues, administration and coaching.


Ann describes the perfect Wecall employee:
Should be positive! Must also be willing to work and have a high work ethic. When it comes to sales, you have to be driven.