Customer service

Wecall offers tailored customer service for companies in different industries. With our broad expertise and multilingual teams, we can deliver a professional and customized customer experience that strengthens your company’s relationships and increases the satisfaction of your customers.

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We offer operator services and advanced customer service. For example, we accept complaints, orders and reservations. We relieve your business by answering everything from general questions to solving relatively complex problems. Your experts only need to be called in for exceptionally difficult questions.


This role requires subject knowledge and the ability to interact with people in a professional manner. We are happy to take responsibility for the entire process from recruitment to staffing and training.


One in three companies lose business due to poor answering services and annoying phone queues. We answer the phone, handle emails and staff chat support at both small and large companies that understand that availability is a competitive advantage and a way to show their customers that they are important.

Frequently asked questions about Customer Service

What is customer service and why is it important for businesses?

Customer service is the support and assistance that a company offers its customers before, during and after a sale. This is important because it helps build strong customer relationships, increase customer loyalty and improve company reputation.

What is the benefit of outsourcing customer service to a company like Wecall?

By outsourcing customer service to specialists like Wecall, businesses can benefit from expertise, resources and tailored solutions. It also enables the company to focus on its core business and reduce costs.

How can customer service help solve customers’ problems and complaints?

Good customer service involves listening to customers’ problems, understanding their needs and offering quick and effective solutions. By providing customers with a positive experience, businesses can address complaints and build trust.

What is the difference between customer support and customer service?

Customer support is usually focused on helping customers with technical support and problems, while customer service can cover a broader set of services, including answering questions, processing orders and providing information about products or services.

How can I measure the success of my customer service?

Customer service success can be measured by monitoring customer satisfaction, response times, cases resolved, and customer retention. It is also important to collect feedback from customers and use it to improve the service.

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