Ticket and invoice management


Wecall Sports works for elite sports clubs and federations in Sweden. We recruit sponsors and sell sponsorship packages to clubs, thereby increasing their revenue.


Wecall Sports is the market leader in Sweden in terms of volume sales of sponsorship packages and recruitment of partners for sports clubs and federations. We manage the whole process from the first conversation with a potential sponsorship partner to delivering the sponsorship package. A sponsorship package can include, for example, tickets to the club’s matches and marketing in the stadium. Wecall Sports delivers a complete solution where we manage ticketing, invoicing, exposure, LED and events.


Wecall Sports is made up of competitive people who in many cases have competed and are competing at the highest level and therefore have a broad knowledge of sports and sales. Their partners are at the highest level of football, ice hockey, basketball and events.

Ticket & invoice manager

Emil Stiernman

Emil is responsible for ticket and invoice issues. Emil has been working at Wecall since 2017.


Economy: ekonomi@wecall.se
Tickets: sport@wecall.se