It warms my heart that we have found such great staff

When Caroline Arnfridsson joined Wecall at the age of 20, she was very shy and withdrawn.

– If someone had told me then that I would later be a team leader for twenty people, I wouldn’t have believed it,” says Caroline Arnfridsson, team leader at Wecall.


The shy girl got into the group and the tasks quickly. The nervousness went away thanks to the warm family atmosphere.
– When you arrive in the morning, there’s someone cheering you on straight away and you can talk to anyone about anything,” says Caroline.
Caroline started in 2013 and initially worked with customer care and sales assignments, but today she is a team leader in Wecall’s largest department.


Moving from colleague to manager
Those who step up, bring ideas and show they are willing to work hard have great potential to grow within Wecall.
– Of course, it has not always been easy to go from being a colleague to becoming a manager. I have grown with the task and want to develop even more.
Caroline thrives when she has the chance to make a difference. When she can be creative and find solutions to problems.
– I want to change what I didn’t think worked, and now I have the chance to do so.


A group with a lot of heart
Caroline Arnfridsson’s department employs permanent staff and extra workers on weekdays, weekends and evenings. The group consists of both boys and girls, the youngest being 16 and the oldest 61.


– We are very transparent in our group. If you’re down or if there’s been a fight at home, you dare to say it,” says Caroline.
The group uses Skype as a communication tool as they are on the phones all day and there are a lot of hearts sent in the group chat.
– It warms my heart that we have found such great staff. They are there for each other and they are there for me,” says Caroline.
She says that Wecall’s CEO is an expert in promoting positivity and attitude and that it is a common thread in the company’s culture. And she notices that the positive attitude is spreading between colleagues to customers and even beyond the company walls. Caroline concludes by saying that anyone applying to work at Wecall must be ready for personal development.
– Because you grow as a person by working with us.

Caroline Arnfridsson

Group manager of the inbound part of Wecall, i.e. switchboard.


Duties: Working on recruitment, schedules, trainings and keeping track of daily operations. Also answers himself in calls every day.


Caroline describes the ideal Wecall employee:
It should be a hardworking and positive individual. Doesn’t have to be forward, but not super shy either. Should not be afraid of challenges and personal development.