Telephone answering service

At Wecall, we are experts in taking care of your phone care with precision and dedication. With our experienced team and multilingual support, we guarantee that you’ll never miss an important call and can offer a first-class experience to your customers.

Let us take care of your business calls


There are issues that all businesses have to deal with, no matter what sector they operate in. One such detail is how to deal with your company’s telephone traffic.


Even the most digitalized companies need staff to answer the phone. It is not so obvious that the company has its own telephone exchange. You don’t have to, let us at Wecall take care of your business phone traffic. We can also help you manage your email and staff your business chat.

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It should be easy to become a Wecall customer

We start by conducting a needs analysis with you to ensure that the delivery fully meets your expectations and requirements/desires.


If you need a service without technical integration, you can get started within a few days. In cases where your needs involve technical integration, you will be assisted by one of our experienced project managers, who will then be responsible for the entire delivery process, to get started in a smooth and good way, where we are normally up and running between 2-4 weeks, depending on how much is to be integrated / trained.


Here’s how it works step by step:

  1. Feasibility study and needs analysis
  2. Quotation and contract. Signing of the contract and then points 3-5
  3. Information gathering (organization, keywords, possible policies, company facts, job description, etc.)
  4. Integration of technologies (switchboard and possibly other systems)
  5. Customer-specific training and then planning the start of operations


Personalized telephone answering service

At Wecall, we have operators who provide a personalized answering service and phone care at a very affordable price. Our answering service allows your company to receive calls and filter incoming calls without burdening your staff.


With a professional telephone service, you get everything you want from an operator, and more if you need it!




Flexible telephone service to the company

With our telephony services, you can focus on your business without missing any important calls. Our operators are available every day of the year, so your call will always be answered, even when you don’t have the time or are not at work.


One of our basic services is to have our telephone operators take your company’s calls when regular staff are not available. The operator provides a friendly service to the customer and can take messages. A personalized answering service is highly appreciated and provides a pleasant alternative to an automated answering machine that gives a solid impression of the quality of the company.


It is also possible to have our operators take over the entire company’s telephone exchange. Our flexibility to tailor our service to your business needs is one of our main strengths, while keeping a low cost per call.


Our telephone service gives you the opportunity to grow as a company, where we make sure to deliver a top-class answering service with dedicated switchboard operators who are interested in your business. We offer flexible switchboard solutions where we can answer your calls remotely or on site at your company. Choose the solution that suits you best.


We can reduce your phone time without your customers suffering:

  • We will answer for you when you are not available and leave a message for you.
  • We will answer for you, take a message and/or connect you to the right person.
  • We only release the calls you want at the moment (notification).
  • You can keep us updated on your availability via your landline, mobile phone or via our online service.
  • We answer questions about your business and provide up-to-date information to the caller.


Frequently asked questions about Phone Care

What is a telephone answering service?

Telephone answering is a service where one of our operators takes your company’s calls when your staff is not available. Telephone answering is done by real people who always give the caller a personal and friendly treatment.

What is the cost of a telephone answering service?

The cost of telephone answering depends on the type of service we tailor to your business. Each solution is unique and tailored to the needs of the company, so the price is a matter of negotiation within the framework of the solution offered.

What are the benefits of telephone babysitting?

Telephone answering services are always friendly and flexible, for example some urgent calls can be put through while other calls are put on hold. This is not possible with an answering machine or an automatic telephone exchange.

What type of business is suitable for telephone answering?

Telephone answering services are suitable for all businesses, big or small. Every business needs the ability to receive calls from customers. Customers are the company’s most important asset and it is important to be able to provide customers with a safe and solid customer service. This is where telephone answering is a good alternative to an answering machine.

Are telephone exchange and telephone access the same thing?

With a telephone exchange, we handle all incoming calls to the company and sort the calls so that the caller ends up with the right person. With telephone answering services, we handle your company’s incoming calls when regular staff are not available.

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