At Wecall, we are passionate about sales and have the expertise to reach the right person, ask the right questions and close the deal. Let us help you with visitor booking, market research and B2B sales.

Increase your business opportunities with Wecall


We know how to get to the right person, ask the right questions and get closure. Let us help you with visitor booking, market research and direct sales. Our experience and expertise in these areas make us your natural partner when you need to optimize your business strategy.


With our help, you can ensure you reach the right audiences, gather valuable information about your market and increase your sales effectiveness. We are here to help you maximize your business opportunities and create long-term success.



Booking of visits

We provide your sales reps with the desired number of visits per week and monitor the prospects who want further contact. This way you can spend more time on the most interesting leads and work more on quotes and closings. Booking visits is a smart way to speed up both sales work and business.

Market research

Do you want to reach a selected target group and know what they think? We are a neutral but knowledgeable partner, which provides the best conditions for honest and relevant answers. You will learn about your market, what customers think of your products or services, what their needs are and how they want you to meet them with market research. We offer surveys via telephone interviews and can quickly collect large volumes of information. The advantage of telephone interviews over other types of survey methods is the high response rate, the possibility of nuanced questions and greater flexibility.

B2B sales

A growing area of telemarketing is direct selling by telephone. We work exclusively with B2B sales. We present your offer and build trust and buying habits with your customers. The sales process often consists of several calls to the same company, with closure on the second or third call. We can record all transactions so that you can deliver easily and quickly, thereby increasing your customer’s confidence.


We work a lot with ongoing sales and customer care. The better we get to know your products and services, the better we can maximize the outcome by thoroughly approaching the market.


Expect a friendly welcome. Always. Our salespeople also take time for those who choose not to use the product or service you have to offer. They know that sales often take time and have high expectations of themselves to always convey a positive and professional image of the company they represent.

Frequently asked questions about Sales

What is the benefit of using Wecall’s services for sales?

By using Wecall’s sales services, you can benefit from our passionate team and experience. We can help you reach the right customers, ask relevant questions and increase sales effectively.

How does the visitor booking service work?

Our appointment booking service ensures that your sales reps get the desired number of meetings with potential customers each week. We also monitor prospects interested in future contacts, helping you focus on business-critical opportunities.

What can I expect from your market research?

Our market research gives you in-depth insights into your target audience and their opinions. We conduct thorough telephone interviews to gather valuable information about your market, products and customer needs.

What is the difference between B2B sales and other sales methods?

B2B sales focus on selling products or services to other businesses. It requires a specific strategy and the ability to build trust and long-term relationships with business customers.

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