Customers get faster answers today with the help of Wecall


With between 500-1000 calls per day, unevenly distributed throughout the week, it was difficult for

for Bilbolaget’s own switchboard to avoid long queues and irritated customers.


– The biggest difference is that customers get faster answers today, but also that our costs have decreased,” says Ulf Zetterström, CEO of Bilbolaget.
The car company has four in-house switchboard operators, but since there are often large peaks at the beginning of the week, it was difficult for them to keep up. Now the call is transferred to Wecall’s operators when the operators at Bilbolaget are busy.


Under the agreement with Wecall, Wecall’s operators act as a backup and Bilbolaget only pays for the calls that Wecall actually answers.


– Since we have been able to reduce personnel costs, this solution has also made it more profitable,” says Ulf Zetterström.


The cooperation with Wecall also provides a great deal of security when our own telephone operators are sick, on maternity leave or on vacation.

As we have been able to reduce staff costs, this solution has made it more profitable.

The car company has about 550 extensions and is located in several places in Medelpad, Hälsingland, Gästrikland and in Norrtälje. It is a large and complex organization. In order to connect customers correctly, Wecall’s operators need to understand Bilbolaget’s business and ask follow-up questions.


– It has taken time to learn our structure and there were some challenges in the beginning but now it works well, says Ulf Zetterström.

Car company

Dealer of Volvo, Ford and Renault. Also Toyota in Sundsvall. The car company is a one-stop shop for car ownership with, for example, authorized workshops for Volvo, Ford, Renault and Dacia and shops for spare parts. They also offer car rental, service contracts and private leasing.