Get an external telephone operator.

The benefits of an external telephone operator for your business are many.


An external operator usually handles the incoming calls for a company that has chosen to outsource its telephony. With Wecall as a partner, this can mean taking care of all incoming calls to the switchboard, diverting calls to the right person or answering those calls that simply cannot be handled.


Every single customer the company has is important, as are all of our customer partnerships. Based on your individual situation and needs, we decide together on the scope of cooperation. Whatever the nature of the assignment, a Wecall operator will be self-sufficient and represent your company in the best possible way.


Why an external switchboard?


Did you know that as many as one in three companies lose business as a result of poor answering services and long telephone queues?


  • A major competitive advantage
  • Your customers can get answers around the clock
  • Reducing the risk of losing important business
  • You show your customers that they are important to you.


With Wecall, you can get an external operator to help your customers around the clock with phone answering. We also offer more advanced services such as bookings, orders and complaints.


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Choose a professional call center company


As one of Sweden’s leading call center companies, we are experts in all aspects of workplace telephony and can offer a solution that is completely tailored to your needs. Our customers include both large and small companies in Sweden and the Nordic region, but also parts of Europe.


That said, we are a good choice of call center company and we offer telephony services in English, Swedish, Spanish, Finnish and Norwegian.