Telephony services that make your life more efficient. offers a wide range of telephony services that streamline your everyday life and facilitate your communication. We are one of Sweden’s leading call center companies with customers in Sweden, the Nordic region and parts of Europe. We currently provide telephony services in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Spanish and English.


We are experts in telephony services and know how to make your life more efficient, saving you time and money. We know how important all incoming calls are and how important it is that all your customers are served whether you are there or not. Being constantly available is almost a requirement in today’s society.


A missed call can mean lost business. Thanks to us, you can provide answers every day, all year round, even when you are not available or on site.


We offer quality-assured telephony services.


With us you will find telephony services ranging from; telephone answering, customer service, switchboard solutions to sales, visitor booking and market research via telephone. We always provide you with specially trained operators who always answer with a smile and speak Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, English and Spanish fluently.


We are completely vendor-independent, which means we can offer you solutions tailored to your needs and wishes. What’s more, you will always be up to date with the latest technology and we adapt the number of extensions to your company’s changing needs. Our switchboard includes everything from one-man businesses to large companies with hundreds of connections.


Read more about business phone services here to get a deeper understanding of our service and how we can help you as a business.